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Ellen Jaye Benson: A Survey Of Practice Exhibition by Ellen Jaye Benson

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New Website & Work To Be Photographed

 Find my new website online at: http://zzzpirate.wix.com/ellenjayebenson

Website housing for my art is finally under way.  This will be a more formal housing for finished works and the blog will now function to inform of upcoming shows, artist comrade interviews, works in development pics etc.

Big thank you goes out to Justin Beverstock for offering to photograph the backlog and recent works I have made for my website in exchange for a commission piece.  Justin and his wife love 'Wet Road on the Pass' (see image below) Rather than give them this piece I am not entirely happy with, I have offered to create a commission piece that improves on this theme, as I think a work is never resolved - one can always revisit and advance on prior ideas.  The working sketch underneath 'Wet Road on the Pass' suggests where I will go with the commission piece.

Justin Beverstock is a Wollongong-based photographer who specialises in portrait photography, but also takes amazing urban scapes, self-portraits, documentary and arty pics. Below is one of my favourite of his family portrait pics. See more of Justin's beautiful work online at: http://www.jbeverstockphotography.com

It is a difficult process to get your work out there!  It is very important to support your artist community - I do my best to help creative friends projects and encourage other people to do the same.  The arts can be a tough, isolating, competitive industry at times but it doesn't have to be that way!  Promote and get involved in artist's friends activities and I am sure they will be there to support you.  My creative network consists of visual artists, writers, performers, comedians, culinary artists, gardeners and all sorts - and all contribute to my creative process. I would like to thank my friends Shane and Stu who run Wollongong Comedy, you are always there inspiring me with the multitude of creative projects you are involved in and you always remind me of the importance of full belly laughs. I can segway to you because Justin has taken some wonderful pics of Wollongong comedy that you can see on his website. 
Visit Wollongong comedy for full belly laughs and book online: http://wollongongcomedy.com.au/

On the topic of art documentation, I also am indebted to Melbourne-based wedding photographer, Robert Hock, who took opening night pics of my exhibition 'Drift for me. Visit Robert Hock's site: http://roberthock.com.au/ 
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Sneak Peak

Here is a sneak peak at one of the works that I will be exhibiting in a small invited artists show this Fri at Studio 19. See invite image for details. Apologies for the paper curling and loss of colour and textural nuances - is a colloquial home studio photo - will re-photo properly at the gallery.
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Work for CAPIUSA (2012)

'Bodyscapes' - this one is an ode to women's work in the decorative arts and to femmage artists such as Hannah Hoch, Sonia Delaunay & Miriam Schapiro

Bodyscapes - this one an ode to the street, spray painting, sign writing and tagging arts

Bodyscapes - this one is an ode to graffiti murals & photomontage with their roots in Futurism & Abstraction

'Bodyscapes' are figurative montages that use photoshop layers as metaphors for flesh and desire. Photoshop layers are virtual, transient and deceiving.  In digital billboard designs, layers seductively tease us with unattainable virtual visions that paradoxically feel intimate and tactile.

The above works have been submitted for CAPIUSA Magazine.  Many thanks to my artist comrade Alvaro Sanchez for inviting me to be this years international guest judge for CAPIUSA Design Festival VI.  
Check out CAPIUSA Design Festival VI at http://www.lacapiusa.com/festival/ and check out Alvaro Sanchez's artwork at http://www.redbubble.com/people/sanchezisdead

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Fresco Workshop with Artist Sarah Tomasetti (2012)

I recently visited the studio of phenomenal artist Sarah Tomasetti to complete a one-day introduction to the fundamentals of the buon fresco technique. I do suggest anyone interested in Fresco attend her workshops as Tomasetti is extremely generous providing the materials, extensive knowledge and a lovely feed in her beautiful home studio environment. Fresco is a mystical medium rich in history and potential and I see my work naturally progressing in this direction. For the workshop I chose to do a segment study from a Michelangelo, it is amazing how fast and confident his fresco output was. Check out the sublime landscapes in Fresco and in Oils by Sarah Tomasetti and visit her website for workshop information. http://sarahtomasetti.com.au/

Much of my artworks are mixed-media works on paper. With paper I have struggled, loving its tactile permeable surface but struggling with hanging issues. I don't want to loose the textural quality and resist framing but my audience is often at unrest with my works on paper that seat somewhere between drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture. Fresco may be a more tactile and inviting surface.

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Studies Of Early Photos Reduced To Seductive Lines (2012)

With the birth of my daughter Avalon Violet in March last yr, I have had real studio downtime - getting back into the swing of things with some studies from early photographs.

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'Labourious' (2011)

Crude abstract studies constructed whilst in early stages of labour - eerie, naive and primal.  Watercolour + acrylic on rag paper.

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Drift: The Distance Between You and I... panels (2010)

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Artworks from 'DRIFT' as seen at The Library Artspace (2010)

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Wall Shots of 'Drift' at the Library Artspace

(Last Image: Drift works on wall part of 'Chronicles' Show - floor piece is by artist Alice Parker)

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Solo Show: 'Drift'

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Drift: My Mountains

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Drift: Pillars of Strength and Illumination (construction preview)


Driving movement or force; impulse; impetus; pressure

“Far away in outer space / A lighthouse guiding star / It's there to help you human race / and tell you where you are” 'Lighthouse' lyrics by Hawkwind

“Lighthouse man can't help us all / Some he'll save and some will fall / He'll show you where the danger lies / But he can't help it if you capsize / He'll light your way but that is all / Steer your own ship back to shore" 'Lighthouse' lyrics by The Waifs

Summary Statement

Drift is a mixed-media phantasmic wonderment using man-made engineering structures such as lighthouses, bridges and powerlines set in immense landscapes as a metaphor for humankinds romantic and precarious desire to understand, harness, shape & control nature.

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Drift: Rocksalt Studies

Some Cropping has Occurred
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DRIFT: Geomont Studies

These works are featured in my 'Rockwall' calendar:

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'DRIFT' showcased in 'Chronicle' at the Library Artspace: sneak peak at developmental construction

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